Sweetener Trehalose

Sweetener Trehalose

Trehalose(sweetener trehalose), also known as mycose or trehalose, is a natural alpha-linked disaccharide formed by an α,α-1,1-glucoside bond between two α-glucose units. Trehalose is nutritionally equivalent to glucose, because it is rapidly broken down into glucose by the enzyme trehalose,...

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Trehalose(sweetener trehalose), also known as mycose or trehalose, is a natural alpha-linked disaccharide formed by an α,α-1,1-glucoside bond between two α-glucose units. Trehalose is nutritionally equivalent to glucose, because it is rapidly broken down into glucose by the enzyme trehalose, which is present in the brush border of the intestinal mucosa of omnivores (including humans) and herbivores.


Trehalose (sweetener trehalose) has about 45% the sweetness of sucrose at concentrations above 22%, but when the concentration is reduced, its sweetness decreases more quickly than that of sucrose, so that a 2.3% solution tastes 6.5 times less sweet as the equivalent sugar solution. It can reduce the sweetness, optimize the sweet and improve the flavor. 


Suggested use: Trehalose (sweetener trehalose)can be used as a direct substitute for table sugar. Use in drinks, sprinkled onto food or simply eaten off the spoon. 


Food Industry

1 Bakery products and western - style cakes Products

Trehalose can adjust the pastry's sense of icing sugar, sweetness and aroma, make the surface of cake more moist, taste fluffy , soft and delicious. effectively inhibit bad taste after long chew, make cakes maintain soft state for a long time even after freeze and thawing.

2 Sweets Products

Trehalose can adjust sweetness, reduce the moisture free move in multi component products, Used as candy coating can form a stable non-hygroscopic layer, can prevent the hydrolysis and color change, protect teeth.

3 Pudding & Ice-cream Products

Reduce the set point of frozen products, adjust sweetness, inhibit the protein demodulation, make the product with unique delicious flavor, can keep products’ shape unchanged, prevent moisture absorption.

4 Beverages Products

Using properties of low sweetness and low quantity of heat, trehalose extremely applicable to energy drinks to improve durability. Added in alcoholic beverages, make drinks taste better.

5 Rice and Flour Products

Trehalose can inhibit starch aging, keep the original color, improve the frozen products freezing resistance and more chewiness.

6 Aquatic products & seafood

Trehalose (sweetener trehalose)can be used as seafood protective agent at low temperature, keep freshness to improve the quality of the taste of seafood.

Brand: Fuyang,Huiyang

Origin:Shandong, China

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