Sodium Gluconate Construction Chemicals Concrete Additive

Sodium Gluconate Construction Chemicals Concrete Additive

sodium gluconate,construction chemicals

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Application fields


Concrete additives

increase the plasticity and strength of the concrete, and have  blocking function


Steel surface cleaning agent

If the steel surface needs to be coated, chrome plated, tin plated, nickel plating to adapt to special uses,  cleaning agent adding sodium gluconate will achieve very ideal effect. This has been confirmed by a large international manufacturer of tinplate.


Special cleaning agent for glass bottles


Cleaning dirt strong, dont block botter washers nozzle and pipeline, the little residue have not safety problem for food and beverage.

Stabilizer for water quality

Sodium gluconate has excellent corrosion and dirt inhibition effect, so it is widely used in water stabilizer.

Pharmaceutical fields

Regulate acid-base balance in the body  and restore normal role of nerves. It has same purpose used as food additive.


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