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treha trehalose
- Aug 21, 2018 -

TREHA™ Trehalose

TrehaloseTrehalose is a naturally occurring, multi-functional sugar with nearly half the sweetness of sucrose. It is a carbohydrate (disaccharide) that is found in nature* and is present in mushrooms, baker’s yeast and honey.

  • Produced from non-GM starch using non-GM enzymes

  • May be used as part of natural flavor systems

  • Recognized as GRAS by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the U.S. (FEMA); FEMA GRAS is recognized in Mexico; other geographies pending

  • FDA GRAS for food and beverage use in the U.S.

Application versatility

TREHA™ trehalose can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications and is GRAS up to the use levels specified below. In addition, trehalose offers a range of functional benefits to improve your processes:

  • Highly soluble

  • Heat/acid resistance

  • Compatible with other ingredients