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modified corn starch for paper making
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Modified corn starch  was important for both sizing and coating of paper, when Gutenberg invented his printing technique in 1450. The history of starch in papermaking is 6000 years old - as old as the printed word itself.

Starch is used in papermaking from the wet end to the size press. It is used in coating and as calender starch. It is preferable used because of tradition and the potential to reduce total costs significantly. 

In North America 1.7 million ton is used for papermaking. The large quantities require bulk deliveries and we offer shipments in 20' IBC "Intermediate Bulk Container" with plastic liner with no need for labour-intensive manual handling.

Proper cooking and complete hydration of a starch molecule is essential for all applications. Potato starch and tapioca starch (cassava starch) are both as root starches extremely easy to cook. The concentration in question ranges from 6% for a wet end starch to as much as 40% solids for a coating starch.

Fuyang Biotechnology is one of the main manufacturer of corn starch, modified starch, oxidized starch for paper making and other industrial use.

The high quality and competitive price get high reputation from the clients all over the world.

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